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Sensitive Colgate Toothpaste
Consumer Affairs
Product Information Contains 5% potassium nitrate
New Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength
Toothpaste has a unique, dual-formula
technology that contains a white paste and
a blue gel in a special dual-formula tube.

What do you get when you brush with
Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Toothpaste?

Soothing Relief Long Lasting Protection Protection agaist sudden sensations
Fast soothing relief
in under two weeks
Long-lasting protection
with regular use
Protection against sudden
sensations from hot, cold
and sweet foods
Where the pain comes from
  As gums recede, parts of your teeth that aren't protected by enamel are uncovered.
As a result, thousands of microscopic pathways that lead into the tooth's nerve center are exposed.
When your teeth come into contact with something hot, cold or sweet, these little pathways
carry the sensation directly to the nerves and cause pain ... Ouch!
How to stop the pain Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush
  Your dental professional knows that one of the best ways to start is by brushing twice a day with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste like new Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Toothpaste!
Also try Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush
Designed to gently clean
sensitive teeth and gums.
Look for this toothbrush
in the specialty oral care
section of your local

* Contains 5% potassium nitrate (FDA required amount) for hypersensitivity