I graduated from New York University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Communications & Media while working full-time at Thomson Reuters. I went for the full college experience by moving into a 200 square foot studio in New York City. Here’s a picture of it.

Here are some of my notable assignments and projects I worked on.

Independent Study : Arduino Demo Platform

I built a stand alone demo platform using an 8-Bit Arduino Microcontroller. I released it for @Party 2010 where it took 1st Place in the wild demo category. I used my hardware VGM player as a starting point for this project.

Web Design : Pirate Investment Banking

This is my NYU midterm project for the undergraduate  course, Web Layout and Design.  We had to combine two random subjects and design a website around it.  My choices were “Pirates” and “Investment Banking”. click here to launch the site. I even registered stein-co.com to host it. The page was tested in 23 different browsers and validated as W3C XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.1. site questionnaire or site outline

Narrative Structures : Interactive Fiction

Final project for Narrative Structures. A text adventure based on the game called “Everyday the Same Dream” by molleindustria.org.



How to Play

Get 5 points and reach end of the cliff to win

Transcript of people playing the game


I shared the historical background and technical aspects of text adventures for the class.

Project Sauron

Combining Face recognition (via Face.com API) with detailed information about that person (via Facebook API). Yay privacy! Made in two days for TechCrunch Disrupt Hack Day 2011. The eye of Sauron sees all. You have been warned. Augmented Reality Face Recognizer


View more pictures flickr photo set here.

Programming for Interactivity : Final

Processing.org is an Open Source Java-like programming language. These are some of my sketches I developed for my “Programming for Interactivity” class at NYU.  You can click on the applets below the video which requires Java support in your browser.

Web Animation : Final

A tower defence game written in flash action script.   Used Flixel Powertools and a tilemap editor.  The music is a software rendered VGM Player with SN76489 sound chip emulation.  You can play the game here: http://luis.net/projects/gozer