Thomson Reuters

Thomson-LogoThomson Reuters Corporation is a major multinational mass media and information firm founded in Toronto and based in New York City.

I was hired immediately after completing the Merrill Lynch Online project. I worked on several high profile clients including Wachovia, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, Scott Trade as well as numerous brokerage firms.

My primary responsibilities as Senior UI Developer included building web solutions using JavaScript, JQuery, XML, XSLT, XPATH, C#, ASP.NET, WebServices, HTML, JSON, JQUERY, CSS.

Ameriprise Market Data & Accounts

Ameriprise was one of our first clients to use our components rebuilt using Sharepoint / .NET technology. I worked with the Ameriprise development team to help integrate our components onto their site. I applied their style guide and worked closely with the product team to deliver a product that ran bug free across multiple browsers. I was the lead Javascript developer creating reusable functions for the entire team.

Ameriprise Online Trading

I participated in the design and development of Ameriprise’s online trading platform. It enabled traders to implement complex options strategies as well as place equities and funds trades in a web browser. I provided production application support for any client side or javascript issues that were reported.


We built full portal websites for clients which featured our market data, accounts and trading components. I helped in the design and development of our system which was reusable for different clients.

White Labeling

I applied different customer style guides to our components using CSS.

Thomson One Workstation

Thomson One is a desktop platform for financial data.  It integrated different components written using different technologies via FSI or Framework Services Interface.  I was responsible for making sure the web application components built by my group was compatible in this framework.  Our stand alone web components exchanged information such as account numbers and symbol data.  FSI was a complex framework to integrate but I made it seamless and bug free.  I helped develop and maintain several components from scratch.

Symbol Search

I wrote this document describing how to implement Thomson Reuters’ iWealth smart search functionality. This feature predicts the symbol or company name that the user wants without having to type it in completely.

Demo Site

I rebranded the now cancelled Merrill Lynch Online project used to attract new clients. This was the starting point for the soon to be rebuilt components offered to new customers.  I helped create new designs and mockups in addition to implementing said designs against the live application.