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Mergers & Aquisitions

Iggy the investment parrot will lay down the company's mission statement. He will convince you that Stein & Co are the best pirate investment bankers to set sail the seven seas. Iggy will also describe how the pirate creed of ethics helps our investment banking practice. No joke.

Stein & Co. acts as an engaged agent in the private placements of equity and debt securities for its clients.

Relying on our extensive network of relationships with domestic and overseas institutional, venture and private equity investors, we provide access to a broad range of funding alternatives and sources.

Over the last three years, Stein & Co. has raised over $750 million in private financing for media, healthcare and technology companies, positioning us as a market leader in this area. In 2007 alone, the firm raised over $250 million in private placements that included the $70 million "Series A" for Vantage Media in February 2007.