Notacon Badge

A chiptune music player made from the Notacon 8 visitor badge in one day. Released for Pixel Jam 2011.  1st place Wild Demo Category.

The sound is produced by a SN76489 PSG sound chip. It has three square waves, one noise channel and built-in analog sound amplifier. The music is a VGM file which was emailed to me overnight.

I messed up the breadboard area by lining up IC sockets on one side leaving my no space (or time) to fit a 3.5Mhz oscillator and two banks of 32K EEPROMs. I worked around my error by having the microcontroller(arduino based) generate the PSG clock signal via PWM and moving the song data into flash memory (chopped to 25K). I think all the extra wires made it look cooler.

Somewhere in Ohio, there is a hotel alarm clock missing a speaker and capacitor.


Code        : Luis
Music       : Blue Reverberance
Compo       : Wild Demo
Platform    : AVR Microcontroller
Hardware    : Notacon 8 visitor badge

Badge Design by Seth Hardy. Special thanks to Cleveland’s Hackerspace: Makers’ Alliance and Notacon 8