The GP2X is an open-source hardware, Linux-based handheld video game console and portable media player. It featured a 200MHz ARM920T host processor and 200 MHz ARM940T programmable coprocessor

The Chalcogens

This demo was first shown at @Recursion 2012 held in University Concordia, Montreal (Quebec), Canada on November 24, 2012. Ranked #1 at the party in the DEMO category.


  • Code: F-Cycles/Quebarium, Luis/DESiRE^TRSI, Scali/DESiRE
  • Graphics: Alien/PDX, Kenet/BRS
  • Modeling: Maali/DESiRE
  • Music: TronicSynth/Quebarium
  • Organizer: Ramon B5/DESiRE

GP2X Twistro

A small invitro for the Recursion Demo Party running on the Gamepark GP2X Model F200. Created in one day and Released at Demosplash 2012. It uses the open source GP2X Hardware Library


  • Code : Luis
  • Music : Kepler
  • Graphics : Forcer
  • TRSI Logo : Elko