Berry Nice!

Blackberry 8330

I wanted to create an amiga style demo running on a Blackberry for its level of difficulty and novelty. It is a limited device in terms of screen size, processing power and graphic capabilities. It does not have all the latest extensions which give it 3D capability, scalable vector graphics or true multichannel sound.

In order make a program that will run on the Blackberry, I used a technology based on JAVA called J2ME or Java 2 Micro Edition. J2ME is a programming standard designed for computing devices with limited resources in mind such as embedded systems, cellphones and PDAs.

I released this project for @Party 2011 where it took first place in the wild demo category. I had no prior experience with the J2ME programming language.


Works in Progress



  • Code : Luis
  • Music : Dr. Vector/Megahawks Inc.
  • Compo : Wild Demo
  • Platform : Mobile Phone J2ME (MIDP-2.0)
  • Hardware : Blackberry Curve 8530
  • Download : (260K)

Here is an online emulated version via microemulator (requires java)