Beams of Light

An oscilloscope (X-Y mode) demo played via a sound file. You will need a sound card and an oscilloscope to run this prod. You can use the included oscilloscope simulator if you do not have either.

This demo uses multi-channel audio data in the WAVE signed 16 bit PCM file format. The front left and right channels control the horizontal and vertical axis of an oscilloscope set in X-Y mode to produce vector graphic images. The rear left and right channels provide the music.

Oscilloscope Simulator

An X-Y mode oscilloscope simulator which runs under Windows along with its Python source was included. You can try it with oscillofun or youscope.


# youscope - silence input wav
scope_emu.exe -i youscope.wav -g True -l False
# oscillofun  - hear the wav
scope_emu.exe -i oscillofun.wav -g False -l True


Tools Used