AGENCY.COM was an interactive marketing agency based in New York City with offices worldwide.  My main responsibility was to build functional user interfaces with a team of  designers, PM’s, Tech, information architects, and copywriters. The position was both creative and technical.   I helped develop websites for high profile clients such as Gucci, Colgate, and Sirius Satellite Radio  from 2000-2002.

Client: Colgate

a promotional sub-site built using a 3.0 browser specification. You can click on the screenshot for live version that still works today.



Client: GUCCI

This was a technical proof of concept prototype.  You could click on the thumbnails and see it animate into the full image where you then can zoom-in using an image server.  You could hover over the image and see one level deeper in a masked type lens effect.



Client: Sirius

I helped create working browser based prototypes during a pitching phase with Sirius.  The dark version below featured moving layers, draggable windows and dynamically loading content using limited browser technology. I also maintained their flashed based website.





Client: eMaritz

I helped develop two versions of their public website.  This was my first introduction to working with Java Server Pages.   I prototyped multiple navigation and website ideas with designers.






Wireless Application : Etravel

Etravel held a conference in September 2000 for the heads of hundreds of travel companies. AGENCY.COM was tasked by etravel to propose a redesign of the San Antonio Convention Center Site. We spent six weeks and created a functional MDC demo that delivered relevant content to four channels (Web, Palm, Voice, and WAP) using a single XML source. I worked on the PALM pqa piece.


Wireless Application : Company Directory

In 2001 I collected the entire company directory and made it into a wireless employee directory consumable via WAP enabled devices. This was a self initiated project. Scripts were written to convert thousands of photos to the WBMP format. Pre-Facebook?


Wireless Application : Food Network

You’re in the supermarket, you remember that Emeril is on FoodTV tonight. You MUST cook his recipe along with him. What Now? You pull out your handy palm and find Emeril’s recipe and the perfect wine to go with it. Sound good? That was the idea behind the FoodTV Palm App. We wanted to take an existing client and with a cross-discipline approach, create a useable application. Although never pitched due to changes in client relationship, it was a good example of a well thought out palm application.



  • june 2001 – exhibitor internet world – showcased’s wireless projects
  • may 2001 – exhibitor wireless world – ibm/ booth; pervasive computing
  • may 2000 – exhibitor new york software summit – pervasive computing and wireless
  • sept 2000 – sun microsystems – received a java server pages course certificate
  • may 2000 – – macromedia flash seminar
  • june 2000 – – “pitch to win” presentation skills training