The word “awesome” is often used as a synonym for “cool”. It describes very profound feelings of reverence, respect, wonder, or dread. I use this word almost every single day because nothing can beat it. That is why its so freakin awesome. Until they invent a new word that surpasses its awesomeness, I will continue to pepper my daily vocabulary with the word. Finding something better than “awesome” is impossible. It would be like trying to find a word cooler than “fo-shizzle”. Highly Unlikely. Maybe when our brains can evolve to grasp a more profound concept..who knows.. Until then….let us revel in the awesomnisity of “awesome”. If you ever need to kick your verbal coolness meter up a notch, you know what to say. The more you say it, the cooler you become. Trust me

Fruits and vegetables are bad for you

Pinapple of Pain
Apple of Anguish
Turnip of Trouble
Date of Destruction
Prune of Pessimism
Strawberries of suffering
Peaches of Peril
Mango of Matrimony
Beets of Bludgedoning
Kiwi of killing
Catelope of Cringing
Lime of Lycanthrophy
Plaintain of Pelting
Greenbeans of Gore
Tangerines of Torment
Raspberries of Repression
Celery of Catastrophy
oh what the hell, Strawberries of Sorrow!
Canteloupe of Calamity!
Lettuce of Leisions  (scar things)
Corn of Confusion!
Peas of Paranoia
Cantaloupe of constipation!
Potatoe of Phobia 
Eggplant of Execution
Apple of Assasination
Pumpkin of Panic
Pepper of Psychosis
Cucumber of Convulsions
Tomatoes of Torture
Bean of Blood
Mango of Maiming
Plums of Purgatory
Raisins of Retreat
Carrot of Crime