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NYC Foosball Meetup

Poster by Jacob Tom
Poster by Jacob Tom

I help to organize a weekly Thursday foosball meetup in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Check it out.  It is not meant to be a hyper competitive league style Meetup but more geared towards fun, going out, drinking and playing Foosball.  Each week the bar offers a different craft beer for foosers for only $4 and a shot for $5.  I do not make any money from this. I do it because I love the game.

Pickup games on a brand New T3000. Beginners welcome. Casual Games. Everyone gets to play.

Banter Bar
132 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



3DO Development

I decided to create a demoscene production on the 3DO game console.  Nobody has made a demo for this platform because it is very difficult to develop for.    Documentation is scarce.  The media requires encryption. It uses quads instead of triangles.   challenge accepted.



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